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To What Effect?

Expecting the Unexpected

Unlocking Creativity

A-levels have been around for too long, a completely new approach is required

The Ancient Alchemist

Ping Pong Games

Turn Father

The Penny Drops, Grandad

My Teenage Writing Tool

The Mint Cupboard

Lapsing Lucidity

VIA Wege zum Leben über die Kunst VIA @ Schmiede10 - Wege zum Leben über die Kunst (Values (Werte), Identity (Identität) und Art (Kunst)


Delphine Mei @ Pflaster Festival in Linz, with Maiz as one of the venues

VIA @Schmiede 10

EC 10 is Not the G8, but it has Real Heart


Tale of the Vampire Mosquito

Thinc Animation Premier

Nephew Number Two

Youth Subcultures as Scapegoats of Our Society?

The Presence of Time: From Information to Knowledge to Empathy: A more personal future

Risk and Trust, Learning to Ride the Wave of Change