Rio + 20 Global Youth Music Contest-Same Soul Family

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Ilker Cirakoglu is an Austrian Graphic Designer and an aspiring Musician. After mentoring his peers on their music and issues of Rio + 20 for the GYMC he decided to give it-a-go himself. Born in Hallein near Salzburg, Ilker is a keen advocate of multiculturalism.  He fuses this together with his musical talents of producing electronic music, playing the guitar and singing.   He is keen to see diverse leaders, contributors and beneficiaries of social development and that everyone in their diversity, can be integrated into important aspects social and economic life. It is this that he continues to express through his music.  This song particularly relates greater tolerance of multiculturalism that links  into eradication of poverty through integration, respect and maintenance of cultural diversity in cities and beyond.  

The Background Story
I met Ilker at a tape art workshop at F.A.R.M in 2011 where we got talking about music after a presentation I gave.  As we were both experimenting with tape art, he was playing Nneka with through his iphone, I thought her lyrics and voice were arresting.  It is rare that you get someone with such a talented voice singing something so important.  After hearing about the Rio+ 20 Global Youth Music Contest, we met again to work with Denis Maksuti through a series of music and video workshops where other teenagers and youth got involved in the creative process.  It became clear that both Denis and Ilker wanted express themselves in different ways, so after working through the issues of Rio + 20 and sharing creative ideas, defining each others through difference, they began their own creative process.  Ilker worked together with Gerald Schober  for the shooting and editing.  Gerald is an experience facilitator and professional music video director.  We met initially through Schmiede  and worked on a short film entitled: Rollin` Down The River that was Eleanor Hofmann`s idea and was directed by Gerald.  Gerald is a calm and detailed facilitator.  Since he has a lot experience both on the technical and creative side, he is able to work closely with youth being able to see what works and what doesn`t work for their ideas and bring their ideas to realisation through the digital video form.
    Ilker and I worked together on the lyrics, finding words that would express to the world that we are all from the Same Soul Family, no matter where you come from, or where you are now, what influences you have, what you believe in, or what colour your skin is.  We are not all the same in physicality nor in the way we express our soul, however, with our souls we are all part of one big family.  Knowing this can increase tolerance and acceptance of each other`s differences, even though we may not understand them sometimes, if we keep phrase close to our hearts we may even learn to understand those differences and in time love them like our own.

Thank you to everyone who collaborated with the music video:
Diana, Salma, Antonia, Karin, Nico, Khushboo, Maanika, Burcak, Nehat, Nihat, Sinan, Valon, Murat, Nico, Mario, Milan, RĂ¼diger, Olga, Lucy

Thank you to our Sponsors:
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