Anonymous Golem

What is your nameless one? The more you hide, the greater it becomes. How many times have we seen it? Lurking in the corner; creeping behind us; out of the corner of our eye or within someone else and, at the sight of it, run away, retreat from the darkness. As we do, isn't there a familiar lingering feeling? If to gain control over something or someone is to own their true name, what happens when this darkness has no name. How can we face something that we cannot call upon at our wish, but just appears unexpectedly. It is exactly at that moment, caught unawares that we must turn towards it. How many times though, have we turned from it, saying "I need more time" to be "more prepared for this" "I'll be better prepared next time", and retreat to our comfort hole to let the sands of time drift upon us until, dune(d), we start to find an escape, struggling against what we have allowed to encapsulate us, wondering why it is so difficult a second time. Perhaps we find that rope to lift us out of the comfort hole, we are free. Proud of escaping circumstances we are convinced were beyond our control, and now seemingly invincible we stride across the dunes, an adventurer on a mission. Yet, isn't there an emptiness? What is that mission, that so drove us to escape? Wait, haven't we been here before? Does not that very mission, seem familiar, which means we plan right? Be better prepared, this time! Yet it shifts, like the desert by the wind from every direction. The path that we thought we could take is now, unrecognisable. This is not how it is suppose to be! It's getting dark, wouldn't it be better to retreat? Find another dune perhaps, we can use that for shelter. Wait, is it really shelter, this comfort hole? As dusk turns to darkness, we find solace in the first stars of night, glimmering. Dazzled we sit back and star(e), in awe of their beauty. In darkness, we realise they're so far away, and it is darkness that is so close surrounding us. In fear we light a torch, and as we do, the shadow appears. Wherever we turn it will follow, there is no escape. If we blow out the torch we blunder in darkness, only by the light which we create to find our way, can we see the nameless shadow. Is it really nameless? Is not that very shadow a part of us? However, the greater the light, which we create, the smaller the shadow. The smaller the light the greater the shadow.


There is no shadow. There is no torch. Hide though we may.