Giselle: Moscow City Ballet (based upon)

Romantic love transcending earthly or material love. Two spirits alight. In a forest, the beginning of spring. The snow has thawed. The air is damp with April dew. There is a steep, stepped climb to the temple. The dense wood allows the light to penetrate only enough for his eyes to occasionally glimmer. She focuses on the practical, trying to remember everything that is right. The way she has been taught. They pause to drink from a fresh water spring, he's talking talking, she's listening, listening. Thirst quenched, they arise from the damp rock they were sat upon. His words fast, between catching his breath and climbing further into the forest. She is beginning to loose perspective, the trees around her are tall-this is such a vast forest she thinks. 
    They descend a little, to the sound of rushing water. They reach a bridge suspended high above, darkened by moss in the damp spring air. the river beneath them runs as a torrent. She's beginning to breathe deeply again. She begins to talk of how comforting these woodland sounds feel. How soft, gentle. Her panic and fear and fear has subsided . There is silence. In this silence two souls meet and for a moment there is peace, resting, there is inner calm. She looks into his eyes and he says, "I felt it too". Two souls alone in the wilderness, capture each others pose in their own shadow.