Love is Blind

Love is blind; it makes you see.

Inspired by Paris Je T'aime

When you begin to see the other person not only all of what you marvel their beauty, their strength, their wit and charm but also all their faults, their ticks, their weaknesses and their foibles. It is only then, when you really begin to see each other that love makes us, sometimes blind to reason, blind to doubt, blind to fear but most importantly I think blind to judgement of each other. That is the most potent and powerful love drug of all. Humans will always go on judging each other, but it is through love we reach blindness that gives us insight, into the parts that we could not normally reach, either by ourselves or with just anyone, that is what makes that certain someone so special. Once we reach the threshold of blindness it is not more darkness that follows, it is greater insight into each other and ones-self. That is why love is so refreshing, how we feel so brand new, as we begin to explore parts of ourselves by bathing in blind love, we are awakened feeling free of harm and hurt, we begin to discover parts of ourselves that we thought were locked away forever. Suddenly, what we thought was broken begins to mend and we can play again. Do not let us be afraid of being blind, sometimes, by being blind we begin to see.