Soleil Noir Kunstverine Salzburg Summer 2007

The exhibition-Soleil Noir is an expression of the subject with regards to a neo–liberal society and the roles in which we have to fulfill in the increasing number of institutions in our path. Whilst these are seemingly offering comfort and a release from ennui, in actuality there is increasing obligation to fulfill the expectations of these institutions and the identity in which they carry. This collective identity connected to the state, a another individual on a private level, a corporation, through kinship and an individual within this collective, is pressured to a line themselves with the dominant majority or else be an outcast. The idea of individual opinion within these institutional dimensions is often seen as being deviant and invalid-The result of which people are either excluded or, alternatively, pressured into greater alignment with the dominant majority. In this case people are generally forced into compliance, even though capitalist society endorses individuality. This is the paradox. There are areas in life, self-help books, psychology-for instance, that attempt to control the will and counter will into one singular alignment, however in the case of human beings, the soul is not singular, it is multi-dimensional. In many cases the institutions have recognised those multitudes of the individual and introduce such strategies as ‘investors in people’ for corporations; scheduled rituals for families-in this case each family member is delegated a role. Whilst the individual within late capitalist society is constantly trying to fulfill the needs of their affiliation to their respective groups, there is a constant battle against this as the society reinforces the idea of the individual opinion right to choose and agency. So, what is the result? What is happening? Increasingly-following a period of depression after the conflict negates the individual’s energies; there is an increasing need for expression outside of these institutional dimensions. It is this space
Its true that these break-outs often leave for other collectives however, what needs to be recognised is that change is possible, that the institutions that now exist, do not have to be forever upheld. The hope is that after the breakout the result is a collective in which there are not as rigid boundaries, where these boundaries are open to change, and do not have oppressive structures, both in form and content. Soliel Noir is an exploration in the activation of these subjects both in the idea of society of the individual and the interrelation through institutional structures and their boundaries.