I am the beauty in oneself radiating in another
I am the sunflower that climbs towards the sun
I am the page that blows lightly in the soft, Summer breeze
I am the petal that lands delicately upon her knee
I am the child running bear foot, on hard wet sand
I am the broken wave retreating from the shore
I am the smooth pebble that skips across the water
I am the girl cycling, "no hands"! head up to the sky
I am the joy inside I feel from your love
I am the incandescent moon dancing upon midnight waters
I am the sand beneath my feet
I am the darkness, ebbing further into night
I am the daybreak across the painted desert
I am the last tear of longing before I feel that this is love inside of me.

Created at Vienna Lit festival Pesach 2008 with Romy Smith. The theme of the workshop was "Freedom", her point of reference was to the colonialist's and slave trade. It was by shear synchronicity that this fell a few hours the before the first Seder of Pesach that at its essence, celebrates Freedom. This revealed how Freedom is not for these people or that people, but for the whole of humanity-it is a human right.