IAE: Tolerance, Flow, Life

Intercultural Art Education is supported by Stadtshulrat Wien and EDUCULT their missions are compatible in educational value. Both are education and cultural institutions that
people in Vienna trust and respect.
Intercultural Art Education won an award from the Interkulturelle Zentrumto work with two other schools in Vienna. One Budapest, Hungary, another in Satu Mare, Romania where we devised a project called: V.I.A

IAE heads its intercultural program with a series of 6 workshops students from CEE countries, aged 16-18 coming together through: Workshops in Museums and Theatres: (Secession, Kunst Historische, Kunsthalle, MUMOK, Schauspieler house Vienna) and 6 seminars in Teresaniumgasse for teachers and art educators to integrate into their curriculum.
Interactive Art Education Workshops (2-4 hours)
Seminars (one afternoon)
12 workshops p/year. Staffing: 2 teachers, 1 Art Educator, 1 Artist