The Plight of the Queen Bee

I Bee comb the light in your heart

Queen Bee
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I humbly accept this path that is dark
To serve, to fly, to cross-pollinate
Or I will die, before I open the gate
With grace....I must embrace,
Nature has all I ever could need
and here is a chance to lead
Forward children and youth of tomorrow
With new lives filled with joy
with love beyond fear
And now the time is near
I must not shed a tear
At what`s lost that`s all gone
with last winter`s frost
Come what may
I´ll never sway

I´ll keep walking the tight-rope of life
And even though there may be strife
Or people will try and cut it with a knife
I´ll say “Don´t you know this is my life”
Even if they try and catch me as a wife
I will say “No way”
Because I told you
“I will not sway”
Never no way
That`s not me
`Cause I am the queen bee
Who shows the light, who shows the way
I find similarities without such vanities
I fuel curiosity beyond hypocrisy
I am the queen bee
Yes, that is me
I will live and grow as as old as a tree
For so many are to bee comb just like me
and see the world as it ought to bee