Little Angels

Serene Music arising from Little Angels symphony Orchestra of Guangzhou small children gather excitedly to watch their peers. As they crowd together their matching rucksacs holding bottles of water. Girls with frilly white lace socks & matching uniforms link arms as the music flows. A few drops of rain begin to fall, their colourful umbrellas go up. I silently wish the rain would hold off for the little ones as they tentatively move their fingers across the keys. The conductor flinches a moment wipe the drop from his long hair. He looks distinctively like my first music teacher at Nab Wood, he had the same long hair, I smile as I see before me a Chinese Chris Smith. The Flutes sound serene. The children so concentrated, allow themselves and their instruments to become one so that there is a unity in the music. The orchestra sways like one organism. I feel the innocence and diligence flowing towards me then ebbing away like the tide.