The Presence of Time: From Information to Knowledge to Empathy: A more personal future

How will our future look? Through differing networks we have all been participating in global dialogue. Through this we have been cultivating spaces, cells of knowledge and action in wake of the different shifts that have been taking place in society. We are, in different ways, bringing together great seekers and leaders of knowledge and giving each other a chance to not only share their knowledge, but also to connect their knowledge with their passion, so that others may be able to find their passion too. By connecting knowledge and empathy, to the path of the heart ,we have been able to shine light on each other and to reveal our interconnectedness.
After the 1950`s we have been moving away from having just masses of standardized information. We moved towards knowledge, then we were able to move towards the right knowledge for us any any particular time we need it. This is the right information combined with the right software and presentation at precisely the right time of our needs. Previously information was presented to the public and public needs were standardized, however, then there was an emerging need for customized knowledge. Now we all have the opportunity to provide this knowledge in a very unique way, from a kaleidoscope of perspectives and then they took it a step further by connecting all that knowledge through our values.
One existing model for the future conveyance of intellectual property is real-time performance. In these instances, commercial exchange will be more like ticket sales to a continuous show rather than the purchase of discrete bundles of that which is being shown.
We are moving into an age of transparency and empathy through knowledge. In this knowledge society, personal and global truths will emerge enabling us to learn to trust ourselves more than some authoritarian figure. Leadership will be diversified and there will be several leaders within a group and each may change role, so that we are all serving each and that the leader changes according to the project or the issue. In this way resources can be shared and there will have to be a great deal of trust and transparency in order for this evolving organism to survive.
The coming of this “Fouth Wave” (industrial age being the first, followed by information age and thirdly knowledge age) turns that equation inside-out. The complexity of the Third and Fourth Wave society is too great for any centrally planned bureaucracy or for one conglomerate to manage. Demassification, customization, individuality, freedom -- these are the keys to success for Third and fourth wave civilization and to our own future, living harmoniously in communities that we value and that we`re drawn to through our personal value tree.