Thinc Animation Premier

What? These kids aged 6-9, have been animating characters based on their inner values. They have been working with others to develop a story. They have been exploring their own individuality whilst appreciating others to make healthy decisions about their lives.  They completely made up their own story but was loosely based on  story this children`s story:

What`s So Special? This film has been combining artistic processes language learning, media literacy, problem solving, communication, critical “Thincing” and intercultural, cross-curricular awareness. This brings out their multiple intelligences together in one course.  We have linked in to the current context of the children`s environments as well as the zeitgeist.  At present Alice in Wonderland has been showing in the cinema`s and there has been an air of fantasy that has captured the children`s imagination.  We invited them to explore this further as well as their own personal values.

Who with? Jan Machacek studied sculpture and stage design in Vienna and Karlsruhe. Since 2002, he has shown his works in a number of different contexts including in movie theaters, exhibition spaces, as well as on stage and in various performance spaces.

Other artists that have been involved in the project include visual artist:, Writer, B
arbara Steiff:

Jessica White BA (hons) M.Sc
studied at the University of Oxford and has ten years experience in Art education. For this project they have been working collaboration with well-known artists at the Zoom Lab studio. This project is in collaboration with the Kinder Museum in the museums quarter.

More Info? Thinc Animation Premier, see here: