Youth Subcultures as Scapegoats of Our Society?

What is expressed by many teenagers is often the repression of contemporary society. Is there such a gap between teenagers and adults, or is that gap just the illusion of over regulation and control. Constant bureaucracy in adult life leads adults to constantly be on guard of everything from political correctness to ticking the right boxes in company personality questionnaires designed to correct and fix us. This leads our youth to express this through constant self analysis as the ego is stimulated constantly obtaining zero wisdom and maximum frustration. Many say that youth today are not interested in the deeper questions. I don`t see as being quite true. Working with teenagers on a regular basis, I see that they are constantly searching into those deeper questions, but is there any wonder that they get disillusioned when they cannot see how the philosophies, theory or ideas can be put into practice. Or they see that these have any value when the whole late capitalist society has been built upon on a value system of speed, smartness, convenience and consumption over and above sustainability, quality and intelligence. In order for our youth culture to change there needs to be change in the older generations. Already we see it happening. The whole economic system breaking down and a new order being brought about. This shows now that a whole new value system needs to be created.