Tale of the Vampire Mosquito

Oh dear Vampire mosquito,
Every night you come visit
During the bright Summer daylight hours
You`re silent, invisible, hiding
Then as twilight falls
I sense your presence
The air smells sweet and still thick from the heat of day.
Night falls, all is quiet.
I gradually slip into my deep thoughts on the edge of reverie
Then, zzzooozzmm, shakkktt.
My arm swiftly reaches for you in the dark air
Am I imagining things on the tip of my abyss?
I switch on the light; you disappear.
Only in darkness can I hear your unmistakable sound
I lie awake, knowing that any second you could drink my blood
I`m covered in scars from your nightly visits.
How much longer I can take this nightly dance
Seeing you only in glimpses of the light, never to be captured.
Every brush, every touch on my skin, I´m afraid it`s you
Dear Vampire mosquito, wouldn`t the blood of another satisfy for tonight

(Written whilst trying to sleep on a mid Summer`s night in Vienna)