VIA @Schmiede 10

Young people are our future and we have to be mindful and attentive as to how they deal with their experiences, values and how they find their identity. Art provides a safe area where they can personally develop this.

This allows them to explore their own interests and skills that they have already developed, either through school or in their spare time and give them a chance to build upon this through the context of Schmiede 2010. This is instead of self-imposed trends that are set-up for teenagers that is patronising and negates their responsibility causing either aggression, hyperactivity and/or irresponsibility which often leads into adult life. So, this project is intervening at a crucial age in order to awaken their freedom through their own wise choices and responsibilities. VIA @ Schmiede 10 is facilitating development of their talents by making a short trailer with Smiths being mentoring and being the driving force of their development.

We have done other kinds of workshops like this in several countries including Slovenia for the Balkan Express project. These kinds of workshops are empowering and insightful.