The Mint Cupboard

Grandma`s house all silver and swirl
Late lunch tick-tock of the grandfather clock
Cuck-coo clock no sound but dark wooden smell
Like a forest so deep
No one could tell
The secret it keeps

No one around just me and the mint
Cupboard..slide open, smell wafts, gently over
Fresh and enticing, "What a choice" I voice
First, match sticks all chocolaty mint
Mysterious like night
(gasp) What`s that?..oh, do not fright

After Eight, all peppery mint,
Sickly & sweet
In their slight, black slip

Next, I bite my lip
I´ve touched the forbidden
Wafer thin paper, wrapped smoothly around
These shouldn`t be found
Dried, light brown, leaves crackling under
As I move my finger
What if I were to cinder?

Rock solid all a Beetle Juice stripe
I pop in my mouth and gripe
For more, a handful will do
Quick! someone is returning from the loo

Written at Kat Francois workshop, we were asked to write about our childhood memories