My Teenage Writing Tool

Going back to my teenage years in a Kat Francois workshop I found myself in a distinctly irritated voice. We were asked to write about one of our favourite childhood possessions.

Heavy and off white
Took up the whole of my black, MFI
It`s head seemed to stretch backwards
Like it was carrying a heavy brain

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
Stupid exercise, meaning so hazy like fog
Learn how to type like a secretary
The cover says
And What if I don`t want to be?
All those fake smiles and slicked back hair
To be like them, no, I really don`t care

Disks back then were really floppy
Remembering back then, I´m feeling soppy
All delicate and slim
Ordered and thin
Digger! Addiction game
Can I get all the green emeralds to fame