Peace by Piece

Military action taking place in Libya.  Cameron whose ancestors were colonial administrators in Africa, has decided to fight violence with violence.  So how do you think that Gadaffi will retaliate with a smooth stoke of a white feather?!?  Wake-up.  Is amnesia so great and your shortsightedness so bad that you forget the lessons of Iraq?  Ah no, that`s right, you are too busy clearing the way for a dictator of your choice that will obey with bribes and arms deals, that`s right, ah how could I forget.  I mean who wants a dictator who does not know his real master eh?  I guess you learnt that one from your colonial administrator ancestors in Africa.  You know though your ancestors forgot to update you, perhaps their rose tinted views of the "good old days" in Colonial Africa where you could have everything you wanted (and good weather) by just a quick deal or a crack of the whip didn`t last for long.  Have you taken a look at the trail they left behind teaching corruption and brutality behind them?? Shocking isn`t it when all is revealed back to you in a very large mirror.

Warriors are needed holding the sword up in front of them, for protection, seeking strategies for peace, so no blood taints your sword, no acts violence.  If your purpose is anything other than working to a solution, then your battle is folly.  Clarity of mind is like the sharpness of the sword, not used for battle-The most important battle we must win is the battle waged in our minds.

For the past few nights fighter planes have been tearing the sky open in my dreams as I wonder about this landscape and battle tanks have been advancing in this dream world, I now know why.....

There were reports on Libyan state television of civilians massing as "human shields" at locations thought to be possible targets for allied air strikes.  (Independent, Sat. 19th, 2011)