Warriors Needed

I am not usually so stunned to silence, but for the past week I have been and such a sadness has come over me.  Lifting my heavy spirits has been hard.  Not knowing what I can do and feeling so helpless.  At the SEAD where I am managing contemporary dance tours, I´ve been talking with Japanese students and the same kind of helplessness engulfs them, not being able to return.  I take one of their peace origami cranes as I donate money but still feel like it is not enough.  Why do we continue to destroy what such a beautiful planet we all live upon despite all the warnings.  The cycles of nature will return with anger Hayao Miyazaki Princess Mononoke reminds of this.  There needs to be more warriors who cut through the blindness of us all and can reach those that through their careless actions destroy and leave thousands in their wake.  Warriors who are unafraid of their own `reputations` undeterred by the whims of those vying for their much needed skills in corrupt positions of power.  No these warriors ethics must be clean, having seen the good intentions turned to greed in earlier battles, their ethics must be as straight as an arrow.  Having seen their earlier mistakes through their own hasty mis-judgement to succeed their quest must be one of a higher plane, and no doubt they`ll be meloncholy on their times of rest upon their quest, as so much as what they have seen and the challenges they`ve faced have led them to this transformation.