All the World`s A Stage

Katherine from Taming of The Shrew was often misunderstood and represented as a two dimensional battle-axe that had no hope marrying or ever being like her delightfully timid, wistful sister that has several suitors vying for her attention.  Bianca seemingly doesn`t bat an eyelid at all this though and has her fascination deeply aligned with music, poetry and literature.
       A closer look at Shakespeare`s plays in context, reveal that all of them paint a picture that is utterly believable, with all the characters` types being recognisable in our contemporary times--as I teenager I loved playing Kate pretending she was at times my best friend`s jealous older sister or the old lady down the road who used to complain when I skateboarded onto her drive with volume using it as my break pad.  What is so utterly clever about uncle Shakes though, and still so true to our times, is that once we have the full picture before our eye sand think we know every character to a to a T, it is then that he skillfully reveals just how much it has all been illusion and the deeper depths of understanding can be seen.  Bianca is not our card-board cut-out, innocent princess any more than Katherine is a cruel and spiteful mouse, or rather they are, but not only as such.  We have just seen one of the many multitudes that could exist within all women, should the circumstances cause us to react in such a way.  Kate the Shrew could be any girl, or woman who has been discarded, forgotten, trapped, misunderstood or mistreated and what women does not turn into a gentle spirit charmed by the pleasures of music and art should the time and resources permit. There is indeed much more to Taming of The Shrew as there is to all of his plays and this is why I keep re-visiting them time and again; when I have heard or seen one too many programs mentioning the Royal Wedding, I smile and think of thee, dear uncle Shakes, and your brilliant commentary on our seemingly persistent Much a do About Nothing.