From Bright lights, Big City to Bountiful Bucolic

Arriving from the Big Apple, into cottage-like London was certainly a change; to then travel through the winding roads to Yorkshire with dappled sunlight shimmering through bursts of green was even more poignant.  Delight at the simplest of sights, is bountiful and plenty.
         I feel a dizzying sense of awe as I look up through the map of leaves entwined together, yet broken like pieces of a puzzle; the sunlight glistens into my eyes and I return to my balanced walk.  Bees buzz close, attracted by my citrus perfume and silk flower print dress.  Overhead a curlew cries out through the expansive, warm, hazy afternoon and in a distant field a white horse shakes it´s mane.  Such scenes are a far cry from the cluster bombs, killing hundreds of civilians across Libya.  I think of the girls, confined to their homes for fear of gun-fire and wished they could be here. Seeing this they would be able to feel their spirit and realise that they will always be free.  They would be able to feel that freedom, that never leaves us, but can be forgotten or lost without being close to the cycles of nature.

         An ebony, black lamb is chased by an ivory white lamb who turns and retaliates, so that the black one playfully frolics away from her.  I can`t help but giggle as a white lamb with black ears and legs joins the couple and they momentarily confront each other in a triangle, before breaking off, joyfully  bounding over a grassy verge in the spring twilight.  My thoughts are with those young and still full of hope, yet trapped in far off places.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful and poignant