As Gentle and Strong as The Wind

Myths and legends are not so far away.  They are close around us, the make-up of our time.   NausicaƤ is a brave girl who is gently doing scientific study in a toxic jungle that threatens to kill the whole of human race.  Braving the toxins she looks beyond to see the potential of natural resources that exist there and can be used back in her village, the Valley of the Wind one of the last villages of humans.  
     The more we anger nature, the more it will threaten to do us harm.  We have to live with harmoniously  with it, even if that means us adapting more to nature rather than adapting nature to us.  We forget this so much, because we`re too concerned with winning, or revenge, or getting our own way.  
   The Tolmekians and Pegites are fighting tribally between each other so that one dominates and the other obeys. They are using any means necessary to maintain their `honour` and 'dignity', whether that be weapons of mass destruction, or angering the insects to lure them into the villages until the toxic jungle takes over and they have to leave, or be destroyed.  Whilst the Valley of the Wind people try and protect their land and live, tolerating the toxic jungle without understanding it much.  Sounds familiar doesn`t it?  
      Anger and rage exists inside of all of us and often it makes us blind, but there are ways to calm and not exacerbate if we pay attention and practice, we can learn how to be at peace with each other every day.  It takes the right attitude to seek harmony and not conflict.  
       NausicaƤ is able to calm a mass of blind rage that is causing the Om creatures to stampede killing all the humans by making peace and kindness with one of their kind and facing this rage not with fear, but with an open heart and an open mind.  Only this can calm the rage.  Rage met with fear creates more anger.  If you are afraid you will be attack, if you attack out of fear you will be destroyed.  What are we all so afraid of?  Face everything without this fear and you will find challenges that you can overcome in harmony, not through suffering and continuous hateful killing.  
     By seeking to understand what we may think is toxic, we may find ways to purify.  Looking into our past to find myths and legends we may be able to complete our cycles of learning and make these miracles happen.