Online Launch of Rio + 20 Global Youth Music Contest Live at Vienna International Center

On Wednesday, October 5 after an informal evaluation on the Year Of International Youth at UN in Vienna Glocha hosted the Global Youth Music Contest from 6:30pm - 7:30pm we connected with youth leaders through the Earth Charter online application in Europe, Africa, Asia and USA to hear other talk about their activities and launch this contest.   Calling Youth Leaders! Let the Music talk!We are inviting you to perform at Rio+20 UN Earth Summit!Connect to a global vision to find solutions to our times by engaging an ocean of voices to create a wave of change. Now is your time to shine!  If you missed the event never fear there was a live recording you can listen to here and below is all the information you need to get going
Rio+20 GYMC Guidelines for Submission and other information!
Young people get your voices heard through music!
Mr. Janos Tisovszky, Director of United Nations Information Service inaugurated the launch.  Amoungst the youth leaders were:  Michaela Hogenboom, Netherlands Co founder of Rio + Twenties: Bremley WB Lyngdoh, Meghalaya, India, Worldview Impact & Carbon Neutral Dance ,  Brian Kaufman, USA, The Sounding Board: & From The Top  &  
Here is some more information from two of our Youth Leaders from Africa and Indonesia who we couldn`t quite hear because the connection was poor: Amos Chacha, Kenya, House of Talent, Kenya. 
Our recent Campaign was taken to the Central part of Kenya where we worked with a title "Yes Youth CAN."

 Here we realized our current youngest gifted girls, Esther And Joyce who performed wonderful Plays and Poems.  Two were local, they were emphasizing on poverty and the future of an African child. Then they again performed another poem on HIV/AIDS awareness.  These are some of the people that we bring on board and nurture within KHT.  We also identified old talents that are still very interested in working to change the community surrounding us.

Putri Ayusha, Indonesia, Teens Go Green: To know more about our activities, you can visit our blog (it's mostly in Indonesian language) or send me email to  My name is Putri from Indonesia, I'm Earth Charter Youth member and also coordinator of Earth Charter Youth Group in Indonesia.  I’m working on Teens Go Green as Program Coordinator. Teens Go Green is a teens‐led community focus on environmental education, initiated by Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, Ancol Corporate, and Education Agency of Jakarta Province. With almost 200 student members come from around Jakarta, Teens Go Green aims to raise environmental awareness among teenagers and facilitate them to take action and inspire people. Recently, Teens Go Green now is doing Anti-Styrofoam campaign with slogan “Styrofoam? No, Thanks”. This campaign aims to socialize harmful effects of Styrofoam usage to public, especially urban people.Actually, it’s quite difficult to deliver this message since we're playing in an urban and big city like Jakarta. When we face Due to this we’re always trying to create delivery method that fits for urban people, especially youth urban. One of method that we're doing now is engaging youth urban to take action through art. I believe that art is universal and can be accepted by different level of our society, especially teens and youth. Some of our creative activities are public campaign and teens competition.
 Public Campaign
To attract public attention, we always do face painting (picture 1) and then walk around with message board on our hands, and sometimes we also do theatrical action like pantomime, etc.
Teens competition is our annual event that held regularly in December. Last year in 2010, we held it under the theme “Lifestyle without flooding”. One of the competitions was Musical Poem Reading. We sorted almost 50 poems into 10 finalists that would present the poem with music and theatrical action. On this event, we succeed reached almost 1000 teen participants to get involved.
Musical Poem Reading
By doing many activities in these 3 years, we learnt that through art, the message delivery process will be more pervasive and we all agree that 'the attention is engaged when it's entertained'
To know more about our activities, you can visit our blog at: (it's mostly in Indonesian language) or send me email to
Putri Ayusha
Program Coordinator Teens Go Green
Earth Charter Youth member
Skype: putri.ayusha