Music Makes the World Go round

After listening so many times to the 1972 Cabaret song Money Makes the World go Round,  I now find myself in the position feeling the transformative potential of music with preparations for the Rio+ 20 Global Song Contest.  In Salzburg Denis comes up to me singing "I need a dollar, a dollar is all a need"...."I can`t get the melody right" he says, "What do you think to this one? It`s not mine, but I like the melody" the guys, Denis (16) and Ilker (20) are clearly motivated.  Ilker, an intern at Red Bull creative couldn`t get to sleep until he got the beats, melody and chorus "We`re From the Same Soul Family" right.  We sat a couple of nights a week having a dialogue through music.  I helped them out with lyrics, but the rest comes from themselves.  I can feel the energy is gathering momentum and I´m excited to see what happens next.  It`s giving me a sense of hope for what you can do with creativity and themes that we really care about and effects society as a whole. 

You can see the full article published Salzburger Nachricten here with a video as well you can listen to Ilker`s music on sound cloud here and Denis` lyrics are below and for his music watch this space:

Hello what`s going on in this world
Hello what counts in this world
With money and greed
Without enough to feed
Get past your blind confusion
This world of consumption
We want to bind for the good of humanity
Instead we find ourselves in a bed of insanity
So look around 
It all the same in this world
Look around, its so frozen this world 
Take it out take it out your voice
Make it right make it right your choice
people are wrong, no body to trust, 
They only think “self self”
They get like dust
Why don`t u wake up, 
Get Together, Make up
You`re time is up
feel the love tonight
love humans alike 
things get better 
if you don`t fight
you keep what matters
wake up to your life
instead we go war
but really we can do more
What is to be done? What is to be done?
Capitalist Class
Delivers Austerity
For our sake?
Come on that`s insanity
They take all our cash
Until we`re smashed
We need to live together
Not so separate forever
An individualistic mind-set
It`s a failure don`t forget
We are one 
Like sisters and brothers
Feel the power of one