Rio + 20 Global Youth Music Contest at Klapp Festival

We wanted to open the circle to have many people create the meaning for the Music Video "What is to be Done in This world" by making this video as part of the workshops at Klapp Festival in Europark, Salzburg.  THis way the video became a truly democratic process.  Many voices can be heard. Europark was an apt place to shoot the film, because there, unfortunately, you find mindless consumerism and the song is all about finding our freedom beyond capitalism.  What is to be done was originally said by Lenin and is part of the meaning of this song that the way to equality is not just about fighting for working hours or wages, but it is about becoming politicised about the whole dynamic process of capitalism. 

and in the beginning was the word....let the creative process begin!

Sara the dancer who symbolises human`s freedom, peace and beauty is here getting professionally made-up by Kathrin Bornm├╝ller who has just done Vampire Sister in Germany and does extreme make-up for films

A very real looking hand...the hairs were real!

The eyes were really important to be smokey in contrast to the pale white face and innocent dress. This was to represent the lighter and darker sides of human nature.

Kathrin`s handbook for film make-up, it really is an art, so many styles, just like art history...

The painters tools :-)

The dancer comes alive synthesising her double nature

the singer and the dancer meet and learn from each other...the third and fourth position, the creative process takes on a life of it`s own

into new realms!

Where`s our freedom gone? Look up!!!!

Look Up!!!

Freedom is out of sight and cold, from the frozen souls of greed in our world..we have to find her!!!

The first hip hop band member giving Dennis some moves, spicing up the performance

It`s cold and late, but the artists work on!

and on...

 and on...

 ......and on...

...and finally!

So let`s take a look

how can we piece this jigsaw together?

like this?

or like that?

 Wait, we forgot the opening!

but never fear we have a new participant.

The rose petals falling......

 ......even on the head of the director

 Symbolise our freedom and peace we so often miss our lives

 The path of freedom

Freedom of our emotions