Dino Experiments and Raffle Tickets

 In the land of dinosaurs.....
....your mission is to read all about the dizzying array from Tyrannosaurus Rex to a Diplodocus, 

find out about their habitat and then, only then, can you get a stamp....either that, or be stomped...
 In the Science Museum time to step inside a womb and get a 3D experience of how we were made (naturally kids found it hard to leave)
 A step into the Eco garden to find the Eco house....Singapore really embraces the green economy
 Brrrrrrr....put your hand on a freezing ice cap and feel the cold
What I really miss about living in Asia...the food!  Spicy (but not too spicy) crab...mmmmm
Strange fruit in mustafa center, little India, Singapore
In SAM (singapore Museum of Art) at The Collectors Show: Chimera, Red Carpet IV by Rashid Rasa a Turkish carpet made out of.......
...meat carcasses to reveal the suffering and blood baths that are going on in the Middle East the indifference that happens when these images are repeated to us over and over again, enough to just walk over, like a carpet...spine chilling 
Ghostly pearls adorn the chest of beauty cabinet for "The Sixth Day" (2008) by Donna Ong (Singapore), from the collection of Leo Shih 

Ephemeral green shoots fragile and innocent sprout from still silken pearls

Walking away I feel like I´ve disturbed a scared space preserved for once humans, now angels
Love is not to be possessed or to possess, giving these works a more uncomfortable feeling than anything erotic, a javanese puppet show frozen in metal: "Possessive" (2009) by Entang Wiharso (Indonesia), from the Rubell Family Collection
 "Please Do Not Step 1" (2004) and "Paper Plates" (2008) by Hamra Abbas (Pakistan), from the collection of Shirish Apte reveals Singapore`s religious pluralism 
by revealing a scared space for Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism to co-exist in harmony

One of the museum staff told us to not leave without taking a look at The Chapel.  In a darkened room you`re confronted with an installation that causes caution.  We tentatively stepped around, afraid that one step into the red beams would cause electrical currents to surge through us.  Luckily, risking putting my finger in as a test, no such thing happened.  Smoke and mirrors played with our perception.
A short walk from the Art heritage district and we are in the Colonial area of Singapore
A step inside the museum where a greying Charlie Chaplin dressed elegantly in a white tuxedo dines in 1930 
Now the empty courtyard is a tourist trap leading to relics of European gentry`s salad days on their stop in the gateway to the East.
I take on the pose of every other European stopping through and as I do, I get the uncomfortable feeling that post-colonial is really still, colonial... 

Before taking the monorail to Sentosa, we turn around and around in consumers so called heaven trying to find the gate.  In doing so, we stumble upon a market of artisans.  
 In doing so, we stumble upon a market of artisans.  Drawn to these patterns, we find a demure lady with her tailor scissors, cutting delicate shapes of such minute detail it feels like magic appearing before my eyes. 
Astonished, we purchase the tree of life, 26 Chinese characters with the concept of happiness and joy as well as other incredible pieces.  The woman and her family are overjoyed that we recognised their skill-such things are undervalued in Gucci heaven-we are told that we`re beautiful and that 66 the price of our purchase is a lucky number for us all.  Basking in mutual respect we pause for a kodak moment.

After a Disney World like monorail and beach train ride, we finally get to the end of line where a mini paradise awaits us...running to the bowed palm, I tentatively rest upon it, certain that something terrible is about to destroy this idylic moment...

a coconut falling onto my head perhaps, a giant mosquito ready to drink my blood and give me a shot of malaria?

Luckily the only thing that falls onto my pinking legs are miniature yellow flowers that land with a tiny torpedo force enough to rouse me from Cloud Atlas

After a swim in warm waters.....
 .....sheltered from the cargo ships that almost seem to want to join out brief respite, I start to relax, but it`s time to go...
....back on the monorail
To a center full of culinary delights...even Bravarian cuisine.
Back in time to play
To find dream steam from the Minimoos from Mercury and the Yohoos from Uranus before bedtime