Sweet Valentine

Since Valentine`s are meant to be anonymous, best way I can keep it like this is to post and hope true love will find their way here

You are my shining star 
even though you are so far
I know we are
like frankincense and Myrrh
together precious and healing
to a world full of unfeeling
When I think of you and I know
There`s no toil to what we sowed
Just blossom and plume 
Like a night garden freshly bloomed
Full of potency and magic
Weaved like golden fabric
to a beautiful display
that is far from just ornament 
that we see today like tournaments
It is deeper
a real keeper
but not under lock or key
we are really free
like tree of life
Almost there, 
we must draw strength
From each other 
and earth mother
Take that final step
though apprehensive 
beyond comprehension
Trust takes us this far
now we can go to distant stars