Episode Six-The Black Robots

Natascha was with a group of people on a train travelling to the other side of the country.  They could change into robots to correspond, but also to fight against something that had taken on a rage of its own and was destroying everything in its path.  The group of people she was with, could so easily change into robots and were going to the other-side of the country in order to stop them.  Natascha was part of this group.  On the train, like any other train, Natascha sat facing forwards, across the isle was her mentor.  He was nervously checking and briefing the whole group that consisted of six members all spread out over six seats.  They were facing one other, even though they sat across the isle.
     “OK, we have to be ready.  Make sure that you can easily change, no hesitation, let`s try it now” Natascha`s mentor and leader said preparing them all.  Around her, the six people changed from being a human to a red, green and blue robot.  “Now you Natascha” Natascha followed suit.  She morphed into a square robot coloured with red all over, she looked like a card-board cut-out square Robot, the kind typical like the depictions of the future from the 1980`s.  Her square head, rectangle body and long rectangle legs were coloured in like from children`s thick, wax, red crayons.  Her colour, with the same shape and texture, then turned to green and blue, finally, unlike the other`s she changed into black.  Turning back into her human form, she felt a sense of surprise that she`s had the capability to change into black. 
“So as you can see team, Natascha is going to have the task of taking it a little further.  We cannot defeat them with our prime colours alone”.
Natascha felt a sense of dread.  Was she one of them?  Her mentor picked up on her uneasiness.
“Don`t be ashamed” he whispered resting his hand on her shoulder, “It`s necessary for you to have this, or we´ll never get past them”.  Natascha raised her eyes, nodding to him silently, but she couldn`t help but feel ashamed.  Did she have to become one in order to defeat them?  Or was it that she already was one of them and that is why it was her who had to face them?  Either way, she didn`t know and she was too proud to ask that or any other questions that puzzled her as the train raced towards the other side of the country.