Flash Fiction Episode Two-The Hope

In the Heart of Darkness there is always light....and hope..
"Jack!  Jack!  Over Here!" I could see him from not far off.  He was running carefree along the yellow hard-packed sand.  His youthful body of 17 simultaneously launching forward and eagerly looking behind him, so that he was slightly tripping one foot over the other.  The empty beach seemed to stretch out for miles.  A soft-rattle could be heard traveling lightly on the wind and moving closer, I saw the wooden wheels in all their imperfect roundness propelling forward faster and faster.  Plastic bottles strung to its huge bubble body that were catching the wind and crashing against each other.  Joshua laughing, seemed to be coaxing this kinetic sculpture along, guiding its direction with a small wooden rudder-type device at its front.  The morphic vehicle, in all its recycled ricketiness and supported only by the wind with Joshua leading its way, came alive.