Rio + 20 Global Youth Music Contest: What`s Going On?

What`s Going On was made for the Rio + 20 Global Youth Music Contest, you can watch it and upload your own videos here:

The Story: Denis represents humanity.  He is walking angry and upset at the greed, selfishness and darkness of humanity.  He is walking through a cold urban car-park, full of empty cars of blind consumers sleep-walking through their life in the nearby shopping mall.  He catches glimpses of a dancer that represents freedom, love for humanity and purity from rose petals that fall down onto him from above.  When he looks for the dancer, he cannot find her.  So begins his search through the bleak landscape, through the snow and cold to try and find what he and humanity have lost.  Here begins his search, for his higher-self, he can only find it by singing and speaking (rapping) from his heart.  It is like humanity, we can only find the love through our higher soul expression.  Music is the way we can express the love from our soul.  In the closing scene he sees that the dancer, that is higher self has been transforming the gold coins, representing greed, into love. This is the way humanity needs to go.  Find ways to transform from our greed to love, through our highest expressions of our soul.  Music can be this expression of our soul.

The Background: Denis is a 17 year old from Kicevo in Macedonia living in Austria.  He has been working through the themes of Rio + 20 with workshops with myself and Ilker Cirakoglu found that many of the issues led back to the same thing-wealth distribution.  So, Denis and I worked on some lyrics that would express his ideas.  We put together, with a bit of German and English translation, and working late into the night :-)  this song: “What`s Going On”?
     He explores themes of greed, government debt, austerity packages and poverty.  He is not only raising our awareness about these issues, but also he is offering solutions with his rap that explores love and harmony with each other instead of raging wars.  This video was directed by Gerald Schober  and made as a collaborative project with the Klapp festival, Thinc, Spektrum and StreuSalz.  In the workshop and through the music, a group of teenage girls became aware of the Rio + 20 issues.  They worked with Denis and Gerald to come up with  rich symbolism that expresses these themes of transforming greed into love.

Hello what`s going on in this world
Hello what counts in this world

With money and greed

Without enough to feed

Get past your blind confusion

This world of consumption

We want to bind for the good of humanity

Instead we find ourselves in a bed of insanity

So look around

It all the same in this world
Look around, its so frozen this world

Take it out take it out your voice
Make it right make it right your choice


people are wrong, no body to trust,
They only think “self self”
They get like dust
Why don`t u wake up,
Get Together, Make up
You`re time is up
feel the love tonight
love humans alike
things get better
if you don`t fight
you keep what matters
wake up to your life
instead we go war
but really we can do more

Capitalist Class

Delivers Austerity
For our sake?
Come on that`s insanity
They take all our cash

Until we`re smashed

We need to live together

Not so separate forever

An individualistic mind-set

It`s a failure don`t forget

We are one

Like sisters and brothers
Feel the power of one

Recently there has been some investigations into austerity measures that in fact they are counter productive, just as Denis was singing about.  You can read more about this here: are austerity measures necessary?