Under the Sea

Six of us swam out as far as we could go.  Where were we?  We couldn`t see any land either side.  Maybe we´d gone to far.  The waves gently bob us up and down.  We´re all breathing heavily.  "But there is nothing here!" one of us shouts out.  "You think?..Look under"!  the leader replies.  We all look around at each other, take a huge gulp of air and dive under.  Underneath a vast valley of coral reef lays below us.  It delves deep down into the ocean aligning either side with colours of magenta and rose coral in amoungst aquamarine waters.  Sea anemones puff out and gather themselves back in, performing like a ballet of taffeta before our eyes.  The reef is vast and tropical fish swim freely in their paradise.  Coming up for air, I see the others gasping as well.  "Nobody knows it`s here, not yet!  If they knew, it would be destroyed, instantly".  We tread water listening to the silence.  "How long have you known"?  Lelia asks in a kind of shouted whisper.  "Long enough to know how to protect it"