Dante`s Inferno

When conflict ensues in my daily life, my dreams turn into something like Dante`s inferno, but feel strangely familiar.

In darkness Natascha was trying to grab hold onto something.  She reached out and touched a limb, a skull, bits of other bloody carcases.  Suddenly the lights come on and she is pushed into a crowd of bodies dressed in rags huddled and moving and overlapping each other like a swarm of bees to the shouts of an officer stood above them holding a gun.  The warehouse was derelict and had a hole in the roof between the floors where the officer stood looking down at women and children with bare feet murmuring and letting out small, breathless and constant screams.  The officer`s swagger could be heard above like the hoofs of Lucifer and the gun scraping like claws against the wood-wormed floor. Suddenly there was shot, Natascha startled, closed her eyes, opening them she saw a woman screaming and protecting her child as the officer fell from above us through the rotten roof onto the stone floor, his eyes in a fixed stare, his mouth agape, thick blood oozing from the back of his skull.   
     "RUN"! a young man`s voice could now be heard, Natascha looked up to see him desperately gesturing to her and everyone around her to move from their frozen statue encasement.  A child stood shivering with fear, no more than five or six.  Natascha lifted her easily onto her back, she was underfed and as light as a young lion cub.  Reaching the second floor by a ladder, missing several of its steps, she saw the young man guiding older women and children away, she knew that she had to go alone.  Stepping through a window frame with glass shattered, she nicked her calf, but hardly noticed, looking out onto the bleak landscape that met her.  Burning buildings and cars were all around her, people dressed in rags without shoes were scurrying in between destroyed warehouses like beetles under the mid-day desert sun.  Behind a vehicle aflame, there is someone in a uniform, taking notes on a pad, seemingly oblivious to the mayhem around them.  Confused, Natascha looks to their left to see an identically dressed person carrying out the same official task.  There seems to be no respite in their formal duty.  Suddenly, their being shudders into a electric blue translucent image then back again to the solid human officer form.  A hologram, Natascha realises.  What else could carry on oblivious to this madness.  A second realisation creeps upon her giving her strength to walk past them unafraid.  The whole village is burning, everything solid melts into thin air and with that thought she is able to rise above it all, her feet off the ground.  She is rising higher and higher till she looks below her and sees the plains around her alight with amber glows, silent now as she reaches higher into the night, stars all around her, she is gaining speed, just herself and the girl, her being looses weight, form, her hands become translucent before her, matter is disappearing, she looses consciousness into the deep midnight blue.