A New Plain

 Natascha eyes open into blackness.  Her head is resting on a wooden floor.  She sits up, startled, wondering if she`s back in the burning warehouse, but the smells are of alive and fresh not rotten wood.  Putting one hand gently on the head of the girl still laying asleep in front of her she touches the wall to feel that too is wood.
    Suddenly, light shines into the darkness, and blinds her momentarily.  Opening her eyes she sees a young blond women lifting her up by her arm and smiling, she guides her out into the light onto a freshly cut grassy verge.
     The sunlight is bright and looking around, gradually gaining her vision, she sees another young woman coming towards her, dressed in mint green trousers and a pure white shirt.  She says nothing, only smiles and embraces her, gently.  Natascha`s other hand is being held by the young girl who has awoken and come to stand with her by her side.
       Turning behind her Natascha sees a hollowed out hole in gigantic trunk where her and the girl have been sheltered. Looking up, up and up, the canopy of leaves stretches higher than she can see.  The mint dressed woman is guiding her down the freshly cut grassy verge.   "We´ve already begun and we were waiting for you, but we knew you had to stay there"  Natascha looks down at the girl squinting up at her through the lemon sunlight "Although there were times we didn`t think you´d make it" the mint green dressed woman says softly, but solemnly and continues "There are not many of us here, less than we thought, but we`ve started to build, everything sustains, no fossil fuels, the sticky, restricting luxury from the old world has fallen away.   You´ll soon begin to feel your senses awaken again" They reach a fresh water fountain and the girl rushes indistinctly towards it, turns back for a second and the woman nods her head before the girl gleefully cups her hands and drinks the pure nectar letting streams run down her chin and once muddy, now clean white dress.  "Where there the water flows and the wind blows, there is life" Natascha lets her thoughts speak allowed*.  The blond woman puts a hand on Natascha`s shoulder, so that she turns towards her and meets her reassuring eyes.  "The rest will join us soon".

*you may notice in my flash fiction episodes (eventually a novel) I give the wrong spelling for a word in that context.  However, this is not a mistake, this is done on purpose.  The technique is from James Joyce, who recognised that often there could be a deeper meaning if one used the alternative spelling.  In this case, Natascha`s thinking is "allowed" she is free, rather than restricted in the old world.  This is why "aloud" spelling was omitted in this case