Still In between

Natascha was surrounded by a crew technicians busying themselves with equipment.  Huge speakers stood Gargantua like on the floor with endless cables that seemed to lead to everywhere.  The spot lights shone momentarily in her eyes and a "Sorry"! shouted down from a woman testing them high above her.  She was trying to find a quite spot, but it was almost impossible in this space.  Finally she found a small turned over plastic box which presumably had held cables that was nestled in between the death star like towers of speakers and cases.  She looked through the plan, everything seemed in place.  Suddenly she felt a touch and a warm breath in her ear "You haven`t made it yet", said the voice.  She spun herself around to see her team mate Mario stood in front of her, with his hands on his hips and his grin wide through his thick black beard, in a playful fashion.  She stood up and gave him a little playful punch and he tickled her back.  "No, not yet, but soon." She promised.  He wondered off and called back to her as he disappeared into the mass of rodeos, equipment and rigging "Just make that not of two minds" and he was gone.