As Ancient As Stone

Natascha was meandering through the opulent golden halls, her heels clicked against the polished wooded floor.  Wearing a red velvet dress, tapered at the breast and held by her hip with a silver broach, she weaved through the elegantly dressed crowd, alone.  They caught each other`s eye from afar; his were a deep aquamarine. He stood, dressed in a black tuxedo with his peers. 

As the night drew on and dawn had begun to break, the masks had been lifted and friends sat together deep in conversation.  Natascha sat opposite him, finding herself asking many questions that he never answered directly.  He kept slipping into Italian, with lyrical dexiterity.  He told her how he was working with stone, crafting, carving it.  As he spoke, a vista opened behind him, like a vision awakening; a grassy verge formed and on top, stood Stonehenge as dawn broke.
     As she tried to gain sense from his words, knowing that he was an expert spy and knew all kinds of code, she remembered that Stonehenge was a structure destined to establish a link between the world here on earth and a world beyond. Its construction aimed to reproduce the astral plane at the human level in order to ensure the harmony of the being with the Cosmos.  

Just as this came to her realisation, Natascha found herself running lightly bare foot on-top of crystal clear water. As her feet skipped lightly across the surface, barely touching, this surprised her, so many times before, she had had to swim with all strength through a deluge of alge or muddy waters. 

Suddenly, she found herself in a medieval castle, lifting up her her thick light blue gown; running into the inner courtyard with her friends following her, dressed in equally heavy gowns flowing behind them, where she found him about to face a duel.