'The Computer Is My Instrument And The Mobile Audio Recorder My Accomplice'

Hidhawk uses her intuition to guide her through her landscape; cycling around with a mini recorder around her neck picking up ambient sounds whilst finding her way.  D.construction at 5020 Gallery, Salzburg, Austria takes you into a warm room, far from the icy bitterness of winter.  You´re invited to sit and relax with comfortable seating, lean your head back and look up to the celing to a kinetic warm orange glow--these are not flames of fire burning before your eyes, but ever shifting photographs, memories piled upon one another, the pile never stopping, layers upon layers of memories as your transported into Hidhawk`s electronic ambient landscape.  Mesmerised by the combination visual and audio recollections blanketed upon one another I´m transported back to 2006 where where we first met nestled in the deep snowy suburbs of Salzburg Aigen, in a constructivist style monastery turned arts center.  Late into the winter nights we had worked in our separate square rooms and occasionally stepping into each other`s realms.  I would find Hidhawk studying the canyons of sound on her computer or in the central pulpit/theatre experimenting intensively on the grand piano.  The sounds of piano resonate through my ears as this memory plays in front of the heap of photos in stop-motion projected onto the ceiling.  These merged impressions ignite an all encompassing warm glow, now as they did then.  
   Experiencing her tonal choices by situating yourself in several different areas of the room, gives you impression that those seemingly fractured sound elements are holistically synchronised, no matter at what rhythm you relocate yourself, there is always a seeming continuity to the discontinuity.  You are able to create your own construction from Hidhawk`s deconstruction.  As I stared at her typewritten white against black script projected upon the wall....pppppp...oooooo...iiiiii...eeeee I played around with the sounds and letters in my head, like a child re-learning what I thought had already been learnt. Headphones settled cosily upon my ears and ambient sounds drifting through my playful childlike interjections, I realised that Hidhawk, like the Dada artists, gives you the opportunity to re-construct what you thought was hermetically sealed, finished and there for consumption.  Like a photo collage you are called upon to experiment with alternative realities and participate in Hidhawk`s exploration across time, space, to her memories, your reminiscences.  Like Heidegger`s Being and Time (1927) you are Dasein-literally meaning 'being there' -simultaneously there with Hidhawk and yourself.  You are at play with the temporalities of the piece and so a part of it. 
D.construction is on at 5020 Gallery this week: Gallerie 5020: Sigmund Haffner Gasse 12/1, 5020, Salzburg, Austria

Haydeé Jiménez / born 1981 in San Diego / raised in Tijuana, Mexico / cultural producer / electronic music composer / lives in Berlin