Comenius Project. Mobility to Paris. Connecting Through Our Differences

To understand what you have seen in Paris.  To have a comprehensive understanding of the sights that we visited and their place in history.   You can present to the rest of the class what you have seen through an interactive presentation, showing how all the sights were linked in some way.  It is your task to find out how these sights are all linked through historical events and what were the historical events that shaped them.


 Which king lived in Versailles?  There an Austrian that came to live in Versailles as well; who was it and what did she do there?  What was her role?  Why did she come to Versailles?  Who sent her there and why?
 How long did the court of Versailles last?  What was it like?  Can you tell us a bit about the daily life and the court?  What did they do for entertainment? Did they work?
How did the court of Versailles end?  What was the major event that disrupted the Versailles court?  When was that?  What happened after that?

 Sacré Cœur Paris

 Where is the Sacré Cœur in Paris?  In which part?
How is this famous monument connected to the French Revolution?
The design of the Sacré Cœur was between two different sectors of society believing in two different structures of moral order.  What did those two different sectors believe in?
What was the view like from the Sacré Cœur, how far could you see?  What did you see in the view?     


We ate lots of food in Paris! 
What kind of food did we eat?  Can you tell the rest of the class?  What did you have for dessert?
Where did we eat in Paris?
Was it unusual for you?  How was it similar or different to Austrian cuisine?
                                                    We had a special hot drink, what was it?

The Champs-Élysées and Arc de Triomphe
 Why was the Arc de Triomphe built?
What does the Arc de Triomphe have written on the inside of the arch?
What is on the floor on the inside of the arch?  Why is it there? What does it represent?
What is the Champs-Élysées? What famous monuments are on the Champs-Élysées?
Do you think that it is a good idea to celebrate what the Arc De Triomphe stands for? Or do you think it is not a good idea?  Tell the rest of the class what you think about the Arc De Triomphe as a historical symbol.

Les Galeries Lafayette
What is the Galeries Lafayette?
Look at this picture  of in Galeries Lafayette, what period in history was this architecture designed and which art movement is it from?  This same art movement was in Vienna and one of the most famous art galleries from that time has "To the Age its Art – to Art, its Freedom." inscribed on it. Can you tell your class on which famous art gallery this is in Vienna? 
What is the huge department “Lafayette” named after? What link does the name have to a  French Aristocrat and military officer who was a leader of the Garde Nationale during the French Revolution?

Look at this photo (see right) do you remember the window displays in Galeries Lafayette?  Thinking of Versailles do you see any similarity between the excess of Versailles court in the time of Louis XIV and today`s consumer culture displayed by Galeries Lafayette? Elaborate on this for the rest of the class.

Parisian Clocks!
You all bought pocket watches, like in the movie “Hugo”: look at this trailer for the film (and if you can get a copy, watch the whole film).   Can you recognise any landmarks in this trailer from what we saw in Paris?

Which area of Paris did you get the pocket watches from? (Clue: The picture on the left is from this area)

For an extra bonus point which train-station is this clock sculpture outside of? (Picture right)

The most visited monument in Paris!
1.What does this picture show (below)?
2. Who built this famous Parisian monument?
3. Complete this sentence: “It was built to celebrate the centennial of The F.....  R.......”


Gardens in Paris!
We walked through one of the most famous gardens in Paris.   Do you know which one it was?  Can you tell the class about it?  Who restored the gardens and how does this link to the Arch De Triomphe?

Paris RER
What is the RER?
Something happened with the RER while we were there what was it?
Paris has had many revolutions.  Do you think that Paris is still having little revolutions in our present time?
Who is the current president of France?  Which party does he belong to?
If he lived in the time of the Court of Versailles, do you think he would have been supporting Louis King XIV or against him?  Tell your opinion based on what you saw at Versailles to the rest of the class.

Les Cheveux @ Musée du Quai Branly
We saw a hair exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly!  Christina drew a fantastic portrait of a series of three images of kings.  Can you show the class this drawing and how do you think a king's hair in this period was an important factor for his appearance and presence?   Can you tell the rest of the class what were the hair styles in the Versailles court like?  Find out about Louis XIV and Mary Antoinette what were their hairstyles like?  How are these styles copied as far as contemporary Japan today?