With more and more people on a global scale using combined technology in their daily lives, it`s becoming increasingly important to highlight the benefits of education and technology so that we can move into a place of understanding of how our relationship with technology can be enhanced. Technology itself is neutral. It can be abused and manipulated towards wasteful ends, or it can be extremely beneficial. Learning Online Universities graphic below explores the way in which technology has been applied in educational settings and with the relevant methods that emphasize empowering the learner so that there can be a greater understanding of the teaching materials and methods. In many ways students and teachers alike can develop further learning and teaching strategies and assimilate knowledge from every side more collaboratively. Not all uses of technology are beneficial, just as not all games are fun or empowering, they can be, but often the same materials are used to different ends. We need to be mindful of the way we use the power that technology can bring, so as to keep it collaborative, open and inclusive. Millions are still divided by not having access to modern enough technology. Perhaps it is in the development of the newest devices that this needs to be kept in mind, so that the goal is not to exclude through fashionable and expensive products and services, but to find ways of making the most recent technological developments cheaper and more accessible.
What do we Know Infographic