Collapsing Geo-Social Boundaries Through Dance

This Friday, Thinc will be hosting in collaboration with Streusalz open workshops with professional dancers Griet Vanden Houden    and  Mirjam Klebel @ Stadtwerk Lehen`s spring festival for young teens and teenagers in Lehen.  It`s a chance for teens to explore the creative process of working through a choreography.  Furthermore they will be able to  explore how they can move their bodies intelligently and for themselves, instead of their movements having extremes of being limited and controlled or released and chaotic.  They will be given space and time to explore their own intelligent expressions of their own body.  Furthermore have chance to collapse geo-social boundaries between and subsequently prejudices between each other.  By exploring how they interact with each other in a space, they will be able to re-imagine boundaries between each other as fluid, dynamic and every changing and that they have agency (choice) to influence this, in collaboration with each other.