In Flux, Incognito

Just as I was doing some research this evening, having music on in the background, as it helps with concentration, I suddenly came across Incognito. I´d heard this band back in the 90´s as a student in Manchester and been equally as stunned by the soulfulness and depth of feeling their music evoked.  Candidly speaking I had completely forgot about their sounds. Being outside of the UK has some disadvantages. Listening again I was brought back to those evenings of being captivated by a sound that was both collective in spirit and yet makes room for each person within their band to have their say, through play.  Evidently "Always There" live is a testament to this.  Taking the spotlight and giving to the audience depth, tone, hesitation and just enough power to entice and draw you in to listen closer.  They are not overpowering, which is easily done by over zealous musicians wanting to  give audiences their all.  Their music becomes a dialogue between each other in the band reverberating off each other and the energy in the audience. 
     Unsurprisingly this became a huge dance floor hit, I remember taking to the floor every time I heard the first lines, taking their groove from Jazz funk in the 1970´s with bands like Earth Wind and Fire, the beat was infectious, soon whole crowds were shaking to the deep funk bass line and soulful voices with brass overtones, keeping it upbeat.  Their sound is both distinct and has a certain universal, classic quality which has given them longevity, surviving right from the 1980´s to the present day, alternating adding certain musical flairs each modern time, yet, keeping a core solid.  The singers and musicians in the band often alternate depending on the schedules, which gives the music a certain democratic quality as there is never too much of one musician in the band that has a star quality, yet, at the same time, they all give space for that, at different points.  It´s almost like dialectic thinking for musicians.  In fact I would go so far to say, that`s what it is and that is one of the elements that make the band special.  Living up to their name, Incognito, their identity keeps shifting and fluid, ever changing, isn`t this ultimately what identity is.  Never fixed, but always free.  It is only when we attempt to fix identity, does this cause a multitude of problems.  This flux is what keeps Incognito so fresh.  Hope that you enjoy discovering or rediscovering this band`s dynamic nature as much as I have. 

Here`s another of their more recent live performances at the Java Jazz Festival, notice the change in singers far from diluting their identity, having new singers only enhances and strengthens their identity and strength of music.