Big Dance and Sadler´s Wells Staging Youth Dance

Last week, the sun shone, finally, in London and the best Youth Dance groups from around London came together to celebrate their talents.  Wandering into Canary Wharf, usually filled with people in suits milling around in between the cluster of banks huddled together and towering high blocking out the sun. On this particular day at the London and Docklands Festival, a colourful crowd that kept growing became mesmerised by the diversity of the youth dance groups; from street dance, to ballet, to Indian traditional dance.  Minds became opened and comments of surprise and astonishment at the skill, talent and determination.  These groups are youth led, but they have had the support of orgnaisations and mentors to support them along their way.  When asked about the process, one group talked about how they had worked with professional dancers over a series of ten sessions once a week for two hours.  I laughed with joy out loud on hearing this.  Having developed exactly the same method in Austria, it was a comfort and inspiration to hear that the exact same method has been developed in parallel in my home country.  It´s reassuring to see that here too, it works.  Here is a short sample of an inspiring afternoon

Solo Dance in Canary Wharf from jessica on Vimeo.

IMG 1902 from jessica on Vimeo.

Sanskriti Limited from jessica on Vimeo.