Sculpting Beyond the Ordinary

As part of the project Step / See / Sculpture that Thinc has been hosting this year, we are giving the last in the series of workshops in the project.  Step / See / Sculpture is supported both StadtSalzburg Kultur and Land Salzburg Jugend & Kultur will be giving workshops from this weekend with an introductory presentation on Friday at StadtWerk Lehen`s HerbstFest.  The renowned sculptor Hartwig Mülleitner  facilitating the participants to make a sculpture with Ytong and paint that will brighten-up an area that has predominantly grey buildings.  Once they have familarised themselves with the material and what is feasible, within that framework, there won´t be any limits put on their imagination. Figures, shapes, creatures, anything they can dream up, we will endeavour to support their ideas to fruition.  This will be their sculpture for a outside play area near to their homes, which they will be able to climb on and play around for years to come.  There will be two age  groups working together-ten year olds and teenagers-bridging age gaps and encouraging mentoring between the ages and intergenerational learning.  Furthermore, the participants will be facilitated by myself to work with English language as they create the sculptures.  This kind of learning a language through art is easier as they can participate in movements as they say verbs and hold the materials and they learn nouns.  As they create from their imagination they will be able to describe what they are creating with adjectives, making the whole learning English learning experience multidimensional.

For more detailed information and registration see the: StadtSalzburg Kultur and Akzente