Forbidden Colours

Natasha was 17.  It was her first summer away that hadn`t been full of study or summer school.  The warmth of the sun burnt through her pain of loss and the salty water from the sea washed away her tears from her swollen eyes.  Languid afternoon walks along the white sandy beach gave way to balmy evenings where the golden balloon melted into the silver waves.  Death was an ever present reminder, Natasha thought as she squinted at the last rays that flared before disappearing, of the universal constants in our lives.  Birth, death and love.  Her sun-kissed locks gently hung down her bare back, she closed her eyes and stood up upon the sea beaten, craggy rocks and made her way back to the concrete patio of the beach bar like an agile mountain goat.
   On the moped, speeding to the super club, she let the warm summer wind lift her hair like a torn surrendered flag left deserted on uninhabited island.  Natasha plunged into the dark night and let herself be submerged by deep bass that swallowed her sorrows, surrounding herself with the heat and sweat of bodies moving to the beat. Transcending boundaries of space she traversed across time, finding healing within the darkness.  As she danced, Natasha peered deep into the souls of her fellow human beings.  Brave and unafraid she felt the depth of her own pain and let it run through and out of her letting the dark hours shed years from her like a snake releasing its own skin.  Through the shadows came a flare of golden light.  As Natasha looked up, glimmers from the first sun-rays shone onto aureate pieces falling from the sky...death, birth, love, the universal constants of the human condition.  She let her black velvet tall heals click in time onto the dance floor.  The morning light  illuminated a sea of tanned bodies moving organically in time with each other dressed in a myriad of colours.  They looked so different and yet everyone danced to the same beat.  Natasha looked up to the roof opening like a lotus flower let the warm rays sooth her new skin, her blonde hair, thick and long falling down her bronzed back.  She lifted her arms and fingertips up above her letting the gold pieces flutter down all around her.  Her red dress felt warm against her damp skin.  She could see in the distance the mountains resting confidently unmoving upon the horizon and the smell from the hot island seeped and rose into the moist massive room.  The sound of drums soared up into the music and distant crickets broke into the seconds of silence that broke back to the beat.  Natasha turned to face the new day her eyes wide with wonder and her thoughts skipping over: death, birth, love, the universal constants of the human condition.