From Tokyo to Vienna in Springtime

Photo (c) Ryan Mcbride

Three young, western women, beginning their journey into life, meet in Tokyo whilst living their youth in Japan.  Years later, they meet again in Vienna in Springtime and breathe in life's potential to its fullest.  Walking past Fin-de-Siecle buildings that ooze with history, they step to their own beat. Surrendering to the moment they`re surprised at their own intoxicating confidence and thrilled at their glamor gleaming glances of passers by.  Yet, below their facade, they feel quite different inside...

Laura rests on her laurels

Amy ambiently ambles 

Jessica jostles with jealousy

Seated outside the bustle and hustle at the Naschmarkt they take a tea.  Laura`s eyes devour the thick, vampire red swirls of raspberry gelato and turns away placing her bee like shades upon her eyes and pursed her lips and turns to her friends. 

"So, I feel like I am too old to be starting to specialise in one field of thought" Jessica painfully panders to her anxiety. "Well, honey, if you are too old then what I am" Laura taps the silver tea spoon upon her saucer and raises the porcelain tea cup to her amber lips.  Jessica, silenced and embarrassed at her own pity party, lowers her eyes, and looks back up at Laura just in time to see her own wry smile sneak out of the corner of her wide lips. "So, Amy darling, tell me about your latest film, we have so much to catch up on" Laura`s Mid-Western drawl, lurches eagerly towards Amy and waits her response like a bird on a wire. 

"Well.." Amy sighs, her soft Scottish accent, lifts with the breeze, capturing her breath of excitement. "Perhaps its the wrong season to be talking about this, but its about snow." "Snow"? Jessica furrows her brow at her friend. "Yes" Amy sighs "lovely, white, pure snow" she pauses for effect.  Jessica fidgets trying to make sense of Amy´s cryptic description.  Laura waits for her to continue and when Amy`s bright young eyes just dazzle back at her, she smiles, presses her lips together and flicks her amber her behind her elegant broad shoulders like Lauren Bacall and says "Well darling, I´m sure it will be fabulous"!  Jessica scratches her forehead still waiting for further elucidation, to which Amy returns none and instead does as sort of light excited jump inside her metallic chair as if she has been touched by a ghost. 

The three of them stroll back to the hotel each lost in their own memories of Japanese spring time past.  Cherry blossom blows into their hair and catches upon their toes.  The transience of life is laid bare; gently it rests for a moment there.