Artefatto10 RESET @ Schmiede with Thinc & Durchblick Kunstvermittlung

EU Youth in Action Artefatto 10 RESET at Schmiede, Hallein, Austria

At 7pm on the 14th September Jessica White (Thinc) and Anita Thanhofer (Durchblick Kunstvermittlung)  introduced the EU Youth in Action project aimed at increasing employment opportunities for young artists: Artefatto 10 RESET.

For the photo slide show of the public event please click HERE

We presented the artists that have been involved in the project and shared their experiences of The EU Youth in Action Artefatto.  This includes the variety of initiatives that took place to support young artists and how it helped them to take a step further in the direction of future employment as professional artists. 

We revealed the opportunities for artists within the project with the European partners: KID PiNA - The Association for Culture and Education in Koper, Slovenia and Foundation for partnership and civil society development Pula – Croatia as well as Artefatto, Trieste, Italy.

Within this framework we addressed concerns of the art market, entrepreneurship and employability. The deficiencies/shortages targeted by the project are also the difficulties of the young artists to enter in the official artistic circuit and how to transform the artistic passion into a source of income and employment. 

We shared how young artists through this EU Youth in Action project have been benefiting from the experience as well as what opportunities may have broadened for them as well as for you in the future.

There are many hidden opportunities out there, with excellent conditions, the question is just how to find it.  Often artists are overworked with trying to produce, so we are here to support young artists in finding out more about these opportunities and how to get involved on a European level that increases your employability. 

Johanna Kronhofer from Schmiede has been an associate local partner at Artefatto 10 RESET. Johanna represented Schmiede and joined as an associate partner to Trieste for the opening exhibition of Artefatto 10 and diffused the project to Smiths within Schmiede associates.  We presented at Schmiede`s annual festival so that artists could share experiences, impressions and opportunities for other young artists including visibility as well as career and leadership development that are often difficult to acquire.

The program ran as follows:

Presentation Question & Answer with Artists:
EU Artefatto Reset: Opportunities for young artists
Angelika Wienerroither: DAYDREAM, 2014 Photograph
Pinion and Crown (Sara Marin and Griet Vanden Houden)/SAME same BUT DIFFERENT, 2014 (Performance Art Installation shown as DVD)

Melanie Greußing: EARTH TO HEART, 2014, Photograph, printing on fabric
Doris Moser: BIENENBLOCK, 2014, mixed media on cardboard
Hannah Weichelsbaumer: NABELKATZEN, 2014 photograph
Lisa Wieder, MN, 2014, photo documentation of temporary installation

8pm Refreshments

Thank you to our all our partners

Durchblick Kunstvermittlung
Artefatto Comune Di Trieste
KID PiNA - The Association for Culture and Education , Koper, Slovenia
Foundation for partnership and civil society development, Pula, Croatia