Hear a Whisper, Forget-Me-Not

photo (c) Antonio Mora

Running from illusion to confusion
If we'd dared to walk the path of truth
From our tainted, wild youth 

The fault is in our stars
Can we change our fate
Or is it too late

Beyond limitations 
Bound we are not 
We hear a whisper
Forget-me not 

To reach the plateau 
We have to go further
Than what we think we know
Or are willing to show

The distance between each other is far
Especially when there is a scar

Yet we share the same view 
Changing microscopically
As well as topologically   

You are so near 
Yet far enough to tear 

Apart from the heart
It was a false start
Heavy as a cart

Longing for lightness
Flame with Brightness

Play games I would not
Before we both shot
Our lives away
Now we have to pay

Your gaze heals like Thyme
Through space and lifetimes

Emerge with grace
I see your face
You cannot be replaced