Light in Darkness Echoing Voices of Oblivion

The room was crowded and smelt of liqueur, perfume and sweat.  As he walked ahead of her she watched and felt protected by his broad and sturdy back that could be seen through his crisp white shirt.  Her warm hand brushed against his.  As he turned around slowly, she watched his Herculean arms.  Looking straight into her lapis blue eyes he felt as if he was falling as deep as to the ocean floor.  Without a word, he took her hand in his and guided her out of the throng of people, drunk on empty promises and possibility.

The cool early spring night air hit her as they hurriedly zig-zagged through the streets, through young women shrieking with laughter, men yelling at each other, letting their daily frustrations loose.  Her heels clicked like electric charges hitting the paving.

They reached the wind-swept beach.  Still following him, she slid off her silver sandals.  He reached down sweeping her off her feet he carried her down to the shore.  She let her head fall back in laughter, letting go completely, her tension faded away.  Kissing her neck, he gently placed her back upon the white sand, that glittered silver like stars in the moonlight.

The obsidian waves crashed upon the shore, like once trapped now free white unicorns onto the hard, cold sand. He touched his hand to her face and drew her lips to his, she pulled away at the last moment, escaping his grasp, running away into the ebbing darkness.  Kicking off his Italian hand made leather shoes, he chased and caught up with her, grabbing her waist, she laughed from deep within her, as they both fell onto the cool, soft dunes.

Rolling over, Natascha lay on her back. He buried his head into her neck like a panther finding refuge against the storm.  She kissed his soft hair the colour of autumn and closed her eyes into his complex scent of wood musk, midnight falling dew and crushed lilac.  Just as she fell into him, her eyes opened wide from shut to gaze up at the dusky milky way lighting up a darkness that echoed voices of oblivion.

*to be read in that precarious space between sincerity and irony