Painted Desert

As time turns into painted patterns upon vast desert landscapes
And memories fold back into each other like enveloping waves
Relationships with depth plunge further into realms of uncharted territory 
Without signposts or direction, there isn't a map to guide or find a way
Planning dissolves without a trace, no longer in need for a strong face

What else is out there to change? Everything an echo calls back 
You don`t have to keep on track, or hide behind rigid facts
Which way you want to look at it, there is a way out
It's not what you expected, but it will take you past what you know
It's not about the show, or shapeshifting into a crafty crow

The road may be long and winding
But there is so much worth finding
Be still and with your depths now
Don`t be pulled by the undertow
Kayak through rough waters row