Masculinity so Fragile

Inside the Italian garden, pretty pink flowers and hanging plants rained down upon wrought iron chairs with small, round mosaic tables.  It was dusk.  There was sweet scent in the air.  Tiny grey stones made familiar crunching sounds under their feet as they walked with each other, exchanging glances and syncopated words of ideas strung together like pearl necklaces. Giovanni sat on a chair that looked proportionately tiny in comparison with his great presence; yet he seemed to be cowering, his great back turned against the delicate night garden of graceful blossom.

Relaxing upon large velvet cushions on the floor, a waitress glides from one end of the bar to another, slipping one drink into another and the low hum of voices mix with the occasional clink of glasses, weaving the bonds of friendship and loyalty together like a long drink.  Giovanni is sprawled out across a leather sofa one arm is out confidently as Bianca relaxes back into his embrace. Daniele shakes his head at Dominico with whom he has been discussing with for a while “No, no, it needs to have a background like this” he gestures towards the bar where a woman stands silently mixing drinks, her blonde flowing locks illuminated light blue from the ultra violet light. Red LED lights spread across the back wall like a digital waterfall, freezing for a couple of seconds, then gently shimmering like lights on an Eiffel tower, before disappearing into oblivion and reappearing again.  Dominco shakes his head unimpressed.  Taking a sip of his dark liquid, he too gestures towards the back wall, behind a beauty who continues mixing, unfettered.  Green LED lights flash behind her, transforming her silhouette into what looks like a celestial being as geometric patterns, hold place, disappearing before re-appearing, rearranging themselves in striking galactic patterns, like a cat's eye nebula.  Dominico leans back contempt at his display.  Daniele frowns uncomfortably, standing up glancing nervously at Giovanni who gently gestures to Bianca to fall further back into his embrace.