Meditations on Freedom & Love

Photo(c) Matt Wisniewski
Freedom is love, love is freedom. Possession and control are work of the fearful and insecure. Temptation and instant gratification coaxes inner demons to chastise free souls, that once knew no bounds or limits to be captured by weakness and greed; so the path darkens to peace and harmony. Darkness scorns light for its clear simplicity mistaking it for foolishnesses, yet light echoes back: "Better to be a witty fool than a foolish wit"!  Whilst most are blinded by pure light, desperate to drink without thinking, witty fools are able dance between light and dark, knowing one cannot exist without the other, never seeking to grasp either, but instead allowing the fragments to fall as they move swiftly, ever changing through light and dark, knowing that their dual coexistence is to be harmonized. From discord comes harmony, only for the brave.